Reclaim your fertility and hormonal health through my integrative method, so that you can finally enjoy

the life you want!

Combining nutrition,

functional medicine and neurocoaching,

I offer you the support and resources you need

to improve your hormonal balance and fertility!

Integrative Fertility
Integrative Fertility
Integrative Fertility


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Who is Simona?

Simona is a certified Naturopath trained and accredited in Germany, and a Health Coach for Women, with a focus on hormonal health and fertility.

With whom does Simona work?

I work with women who are prepared to embrace an integrative approach to achieving your most desired dream: your child. With love, compassion, optimism, and a willingness to embrace transformative change, we address all facets of health: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Which methods does Simona work with?

In my fertility coaching practice, I integrate functional medicine principles, including anti-inflammatory nutrition, micronutrient supplementation (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and aminoacids), herbal remedies, medicinal extracts, aromatherapy, and homeopathy.

Furthermore, I address the psycho-emotional dimension utilizing Bach Flower Therapy, alongside other support and coaching techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Compassion Key®, applied kinesiology, and neurocoaching.

As a manual therapist, I offer craniosacral therapy, TFM (The Fertility Massage) fertility massage, and auricular acupuncture following Dr. Nogier's methodology.

Client Testimonials

Wow!! I had some sessions with Simona and I would highly recommend her. Simona is a beautiful compassionate soul who totally had my best interests at heart. The first session blew my mind because it felt like we just talked and yet the results the following week were amazing, clearing old baggage I wasn’t aware of but I was aware of the symptoms I’d been living with. In one week I was feeling lighter & more positively focused on areas in my life that had previously been an issue for me. Simona used her expertise in kinesiology and other modalities to assist my specific needs too. I also had a significant major manifestation occur too whilst working with Simona. This has been an extremely positive experience for me and I highly recommend Simona''. - Shannon S., Great Britain

''Simona, you are so precious! Your list of supplements has changed not only my physical state, but my whole perception of how I and this world work! I sleep less and wake up refreshed. I enjoy a super healthy emotional balance. I don't get tired as quickly, and I don't get muscle fever after sports.... and the list could go on and on. I'm happy for myself and for all the people who will be lucky enough to be touched by your 'magic wand'!''- Alexandra N., Germany.

''Wow, Simona, it blows my mind how right you were! I have no words to express how much I appreciate your work! Thank you so much! I spent here in the States $800 on the diet plan, $200 on blood tests and another $300 on stool tests... and you gave me everything in just one session! I knew I reacted to certain forms of sugar, but the tests didn't show that. You have no idea how much you helped me!''- Kristen A., USA.

‘’Simona was beautifully able to tune into me, where I am and how she could serve my growth and expansion. I am looking forward to our next session (...) and highly recommend Simona to anyone’’. - Malka S., The Netherlands

‘’I highly recommend Simona. She is oriented towards people, towards the health of the body, mind and soul. She is a person who listens to you and understands you and she will give you countless tips and guidelines for solving problems. Her professional training and experience support her dedication with which he deals with each case/client. When you turn to Simona, the hard questions will be answered. She works to identify and treat the root-causes of the problem, but she also has the best advice to improve the symptoms. "Healing" is synonymous to her name’’. - Roxana B., Germany.

"After over a decade of exploring various courses, nutritionists, diets, and supplements, I have yet to encounter a more comprehensive and practical program than this one. The wealth of knowledge and practical advice provided in this course has yielded remarkable results for me, particularly in terms of pain management and addressing endometriosis. I wholeheartedly recommend it." - Claudia D., Spain

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